Emu hús filé

Our products are available at our farm or through Webshop

Emu ham chips

Marinated, smoked and sliced emu thigh

50 g / pack

hús  filé szelet

Emu fan filet, slice

Ideal for steak or grill. Vacuumpacked, quickfrozen.

Package content:  200-250 g in slice

Package content: 400-500 g in whole

emu fan filé

Emu flat filet

The most tender cut from the inner thigh.  Best for carpaccio. Vacuumpacked, quickfrozen.

Package content:  350-400 g

hús  filé
hús  comb

Emu round steak

Ideal for steak, grill or roast. Cut from the mid thigh. Vacuumpacked, quickfrozen.

Package content: 300-350 g

Emu drum

Cut from the lower, outer thigh, ideal for steak, confit or marinade.  Vacuumpacked, quickfrozen.

Package content: 200-300 g

hús  alsó comb
hús  gulyás kocka

Emu meat cubes

Ready made for stews and casseroles. Vacuumpacked, quickfrozen.

Package content: 500 g

Emu neck

For a great meat sup! Vacuumpacked, quickfrozen.

Package content: about 1000 g

hús  nyak
emu szalámi B

Emu salami

Our salami is made with 70% emu meat content with three different seasoning: white, paprika and hot, with the usual Hungarian spices

Emu fat

For general cooking purposes and whatever you like it for, just like aboriginals

Package content: 500 g

emu fat
emu chicks

Emu chicks

Available only at the farm; minimum 4 weeks old, from February to June only.

Net price: 15.000 HUF / chick

Emu egg shell

Blown egg shell with one hole.  Available at the farm.

emu eggs shell