Emufarm, Viss

About us and the emus

We are located in Viss, east part of Hungary, close to Tokaj and Sarospatak. We keep our birds in a fully natural way and environment.


The Aboriginals in Australia have known and hunted emus for hundreds of years but have started to breed them only a few decades ago.

Emu gastronomy

Emu meat is a low fat red meat, rich in protein, iron and other minerals. Its water content is far less than we are used to in other meats.

Dangerous ?

Breeding of emus in Hungary has been obstructed for many years, as the emu was officially categorised as a “dangerous animal”.

Emu facts

An adult emu is 170-180 cm tall and weighs some 35-40 kilos. In contrast to most animals, male and female can not be distinguished from outside, only by their voice.

Visit us

We welcome individuals and groups, preferably with previous notice on timing.

Products currently available at our farm

hús dobozban 2

Emu meat

filet, filet slice, thigh, drum, casserole

various weight, quick-frozen

emu chicks

Emu chicks

4 weeks old

50 EUR/chick (net)

emu eggs shell

Emu egg shell

5 EUR / pc

hús  filé szelet

Filet slice, strip

Ideal for steak, grill

 200 – 250 g

19 EUR / kg (net)

hús  filé

Flat filet

The most tender cut from thigh

Best for steaks

350 – 400 g

19 EUR / kg (net)

hús  comb

Round steak

Ideal for steak, grill, roast

300 – 350 g

12.5 EUR / kg (net)

hús  alsó comb


Ideal for confit, marinades, meals with sauce

200 – 300 g

12.5 EUR / kg (net)

hús  nyak


Perfect for soup.

800 – 1000 g

2 EUR / kg (net)

hús  gulyás kocka

Meat cubes

Ideal for stews and casseroles

500 g

9.5 EUR / kg (net)


How to get in touch

3956 Viss, Lehel u. 24.
Tel.:+3630 587 0080

E-mail: emufarmviss@gmail.com


Lehel utca 24, Viss, 3956

Lehel utca 24, Viss, 3956 on Google maps

GPS coordinates

N 48° 13′ 8.071″
E 21° 30′ 34.657″