Emufarm, Viss

About us and the emus

We are located in Viss, east part of Hungary, close to Tokaj and Sarospatak. We keep our birds in a fully natural way and environment.


The Aboriginals in Australia have known and hunted emus for hundreds of years but have started to breed them only a few decades ago.

Emu gastronomy

Emu meat is a low fat red meat, rich in protein, iron and other minerals. Its water content is far less than we are used to in other meats.

Dangerous ?

Breeding of emus in Hungary has been obstructed for many years, as the emu was officially categorised as a “dangerous animal”.

Emu facts

An adult emu is 170-180 cm tall and weighs some 35-40 kilos. In contrast to most animals, male and female can not be distinguished from outside, only by their voice.

Visit us

We welcome individuals and groups, with previous notice on timing, please.